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Director + Editor + Photographer

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Prakarsh Tewari better known as Shot By Inflict is an Indian Music Video Director and former music producer who mostly works for the Indian Hip Hop Industry. He has worked on music videos for artists like KRSNA, Yungsta, Raga, Prabhdeep, Seedhe Maut, Brothahood, Frappe Ash, Krazyclip, Slyck, Marco, Cies, Aares and many more. In a career of 5 years, he has directed more than 60 music videos. Shot By Inflict is one of the most prominent name when it comes to Music Videos in the Indian Hip Hop Industry. He is also the founder of Purple Sparks Production.

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  • Release on November 16, 2016

VYANJAN Music Video

  • KR$NA
Written & Performed By: KR$NA
Produced By: Insane
Directed & Edited By: Inflict (@shotbyinflict)
Mixed & Mastered By: Lakshman Parsuram
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  • Release on July 08, 2016

SUNNO Music Video

  • RAGA
  • Yungsta
  • Encore ABJ
  • HindiRapSoldier
  • Ghauri presents official Music Video of SUNNO by Yungsta featuring RAGA, Encore Abhijay Negi, HindiRapSoldier Prod. by Ghauri from Youngsta's Album Rehearsal
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  • Release on January 27, 2017

Seedhe Maut Anthem

  • Encore ABJ
  • Calm
  • Sez
Underground's most anticipated song 'Seedhe Maut Anthem' featuring Encore ABJ & Calm produced by one of the sickest producer 'Sez'. Video is shot by none other than 'Shot By Inflict'.

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  • Release on March 47, 2017

Ready Music Video

  • Yungsta
  • Syndrome
Written & Performed By: Yungsta
Produced By: Syndrome
Directed & Edited By: Inflict (@shotbyinflict)
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  • Release on July 06, 2015

Capital Punishment Music Video

  • RAGA
  • Marco
  • Keepsake
  • Lakshya
  • Slyck
  • Yungsta
  • Praphdeep |
Presented by Desi Hip Hop Inc, the #1 platform empowering HipHop in South Asia with Music, Videos, News and more from Desi artists globally.
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  • Release on December 31, 2016

Savage Mask Music Video

  • Red Rapter
  • Sez
Savage Mask is a real story. Directed by: Prakarsh Tewari aka Inflict
Produced by: Vijendra Singh
Music by: Sajeel Kapoor aka Sez
Mixed & Mastered by: Cash Kardz
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Watch the latest teaser of Lakshya's Bottoms up here.

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